Roasted Iranian Pistachios (slighlty salted)

Size: 250 grams


Nuts For Us presents the exotic Iranian Roasted Pistachios that are loaded with a number of health-boosting and potent nutrients. Carefully handpicked and free from any kind of harmful pesticides, these nuts are also roasted and salted to enhance their rich flavor and make them more crunchy and delicious.


Nutritional Facts

They may be small, but the puny pistachio nuts pack a solid nutritional punch! Enriched with fibers and rich protein, these nuts can make you feel fuller for an extended period and helps the gut by promoting “good” bacteria. Pistachios are bursting with unsaturated fats and potassium, both having anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory traits that are excellent for the health of your skin. They also contain Vitamin B6 which is very essential for the formation of hemoglobin in the body. Low in calories, these delicious nuts are the perfect snack for anyone who wants to lose weight.

Why choose Nuts For Us? At Nuts For Us, it’s our constant endeavor to offer only the best quality of Dry Fruits to promote a healthy lifestyle for our customers. Thus we always ensure that all our products are ethically procured, packed, and certified with the highest level of hygiene to keep their natural nutrients intact.

Serving Suggestions

  • Pistachio provides a mild salty flavor to compliment the sweet taste and thus can be a great topping for desserts.
  • Coat them with some melted chocolate to make delicious snack bites!
  • Add them to your salads for a punch of crunchiness.

Fun Facts!

  • When cultivated in its natural habitat, a pistachio tree can have a life span of over 150 years!
  • According to the legend, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon contained Pistachio trees around 700 B.C.
  • Pistachio has been a favorite of royalties since the ancient period. It is said that the Queen of Sheba demanded that the entire region’s pistachio produce to be set aside for her.

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250 grams


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