Iranian Mamra Almonds

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The exquisite and rare Iranian Mamra Badams from Nuts For Us are bound to be your best friend in healthy snacking. With their unique texture, crunchy taste and oval appearance, these Iranian Mamras can easily become your go-to choice for filling up in between meals or the crunch element in several of your everyday recipes.

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Nutritional facts:

The Iranian Mamras naturally contain higher almond oil content as compared to other varieties of almonds making them a rich source of protein, minerals, and vitamins. Mamas are stocked with Vitamin E which helps in keeping your skin healthy, glowing from within. The Omega Fatty Acids in Mamras is a boon for cholesterol issues. Add to this, a power-packed mix of zinc, magnesium, riboflavin and you’ve got yourself a snack that doubles out as healthy brain food.

Here’s how you can prep and serve them: -Iranian Mamas can be enjoyed by themselves thanks to their sweet and buttery taste -Topping up your granola bowls, salads, cereal bowls, mueslis or yogurt with Iranian Mamras to add an extra buttery crunch to your morning meals. -Crush and fold them into your brownie or cookie batter to make your dessert bites scrumptious. -Dip them in chocolate and freeze them to enjoy a sweet and healthy bite every time you have a craving.

Mamra Almonds are technically the seed of the fruit of the almond tree which gives them their oval shape and buttery taste. They grow in cooler regions and account only for about 3-5% of the total almond production globally. Iranian doctors and nurses have always been recommending them for pregnant women since age-old times.

Why Nuts For Us? A family-owned business, Nuts For Us understands the importance of consuming quality foods that are pure to their core for better health and wellness. We ensure to offer handpicked and high-quality dry fruits and natural oils to our customers that are prepared, packed and certified with extreme hygiene in mind.

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