Why Nuts and Dry Fruits Are The Perfect Snack for Your Child

Why Nuts and Dry Fruits Are The Perfect Snack for Your Child

Since time immemorial, humans have derived and benefited from the rich nutrition of nuts. Alongside nuts, dry fruits are also one of the best sources of plant-based protein. While dry fruits are drained of most of their original water content, they retain the majority of the nutrient content.

The tradition of drying fruits and salting nuts dates as far back as the Mesopotamian civilisation. For over centuries, they have been enjoyed as a highly nutritious and tasty snack across the globe. This makes them a great choice of snack, especially for growing children.

So here are four reasons why you must add nuts and dry fruits to your child’s diet:

Bone growth

Alright, have all the ice cream you want, but save some room for salads! Alongside our favourite summertime munchies, maintaining a healthy summer diet is essential. Our body requires lighter and cooler food during the hot season, so it is healthy to cut down on grains, meat and dairy products and shift to food that is fresh and raw.

Nuts are a rich source of magnesium, phosphorus and other minerals that strengthen bones of the growing children. The best nuts for bone growth are almonds and pistachios. Choose from our collection of almonds authentically sourced from around the world like the Californian almonds and the Iranian Mamra almonds.

Memory power

Remember when our mothers gave us a handful of almonds on an exam night? Well, research has proven that certain nuts have the ability to improve our memory. They are noted to strengthen the brain’s cognitive learning potential which is crucial in a child’s growth and development.

Walnuts are especially great for brain development and mental health as they help enhance concentration and memory. Our pack of Chilean walnuts are handpicked with utmost safety from the finest orchards to ensure that the nutrition and taste is intact.


Children are always bubbling with energy and zest for life. The growing stage is when our body requires the most energy as we engage in a lot of physical activity in these years. Nuts and dry fruits are the perfect source of energy and healthy fat.

Cashews and pistachios are ideal energy suppliers and contain high amounts of digestible carbohydrates. A handful of these pure and unadulterated cashews as an evening snack before your child’s playtime will keep him/her active and fit all throughout.


Building a strong immune system at an early age is crucial to prepping our body to fight all sorts of illnesses later in life. Besides, the tender age of children makes them more vulnerable to diseases.

Nuts and dry fruits are excellent immunity boosters for toddlers and children as they contain high levels of zinc and iron. These exotic and appetising pine nuts are especially rich in antioxidants, manganese and immunity boosting vitamins.

Now that you know what magic these little nuts and fruits can do, check out our collection of the finest dry fruits and nuts that are a perfect blend of taste and nutrition for your child.


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