Cashew (Whole)

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100% Pure and Natural Cashews from Nuts For Us strike the perfect harmony between taste and health. They are imported from the most genuine regions of the world to provide you unadulterated nutrition in its purest form. Have a bowl of cashews as your evening snack and make a healthy switch!

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Nutritional Facts

Rich and buttery, Cashews are a powerhouse of nutrients that will not only help you to shed those extra kilos but will give an additional boost to your immunity. High on antioxidants and essential minerals, these exotic nuts are immensely beneficial in preventing cancer and heart disease. They are good for your eyes and help in balancing blood sugar levels. With protein content equivalent to the same quantity of cooked meat, these exotic nuts are a must in your daily diet. Why choose Nuts For Us? Nuts For Us is a family-owned business and has been a pioneer in the dry fruit wholesale trade of India. Blessed with a loyal consumer base, we endeavor to bring only the finest quality of dry fruits and natural oils to enhance your health and wellness from inside and out!

Serving Suggestions

  • Since their flavor doesn’t overpower the main dish, cashews can be added to stir-fries and salads.
  • Blend them into yummy cashew milk!
  • They can easily be used in desserts as toppings or main ingredient.
  • Sprinkle them on top of your favorite curries.

Fun Facts!

  • Do you know why cashew nut is called “Kaju”? It is derived from the Portuguese name of the nut, which is “caju”.
  • Cashews don’t grow within the fruit. In fact, they grow outside and hang from the bottom of the apple!
  • Now cashews are also found in industrial products such as paints and brake liners.

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