About Us

At Nuts For Us, we take pride in being one of the most premium brands dealing in the dry fruits and nuts business. Founded by Dr. Tania Nijhawan and Tanvi Gupta, the Nuts For Us brand has its roots in the family’s dry fruit business that goes way back to the year 1887. And since then, it has consistently delivered on the promise of health and nutrition.

What do we offer

The Nuts For Us brand works towards bringing to you the best quality nuts, dry fruits, and essential oils that have been procured from genuine and organic sources. We believe in delivering the very best products to our customers that infuse nutrition with good health.

Customer satisfaction lies at the core of our business operations, which helps us bring to you 100% pure, unadulterated products. Our product selection is quality certified which makes them a trusted choice for many. At Nuts For Us, we bring to you dry fruits and nuts that aren’t just ethically sourced and hand-sorted but also free of any GMOs or gluten – making them super simple to blend in your dietary regime.

Likewise, our selection of cold-pressed oils is organic (free of any pesticides and preservatives) and stocked with fatty acids that are essential to regulate hormones and healthy cell growth. They are nutritionally dense and that’s why are great to be infused with various recipes and are even consumable by themselves. Our extraction methods are heat-free, which adds to the shelf life of the oils, preserving their nutritional content.

Far reach:

Nuts For Us ethically sources all dry fruits from their origin and brings them to your doorstep securely with just a click. Be it our Californian walnuts or Iranian Mamra Almonds, you can rely on us for working with the best providers in the industry to pick and deliver the best quality nuts in the most hygienic way possible.

Tailored to your needs:

Aside from fulfilling individual orders, Nuts For Us offers a variety of services including regular subscriptions and bulk/ gift orders. Leave the customization to us for any gifting occasion as we promise to prepare beautifully crafted gift baskets.

We believe in maintaining and building consistency and loyalty which is reflected in our subscription frameworks. Nuts For Us allows you to subscribe to deliveries of your favorite dry fruits for all your health needs.