Why Choose Us?

At Nuts For Us, we thrive on the belief of providing high-quality, healthy, and nutritious dry fruits and nuts to our clients. Being in the dry fruit business for over a century, our brand has its roots in healthy flavors, and incredible quality. We hold a firm belief in customer loyalty and that is why we want to deliver only the best products that come with the certification of authenticity!

Pure products, better wellbeing

Apart from sourcing the most premium quality products, we strive to educate our customers on matters of health and nutrition. Our selection of dry fruits, nuts, and essential oils is organic, pesticide and preservative free and contain no GMOs and gluten.

Our premium selection of delicious dry fruits and nuts is sourced fresh from farmlands all around the world and packed with vitamins and minerals which helps you strike a rare balance between flavor and health. Likewise, our versatile cold-pressed essential oils are extracted using heat-free methods which gives them longer shelf life and more nutrition content.


The Nuts For Us team realizes the importance of delivering the right items to the customers in the right way. From our individual pricing to subscription models, we have carefully designed processes that allow our customers to securely place orders without worrying about lack of support.

We strive towards becoming more than simply sellers of dry fruits and essential oils. We aim to offer a novel service that combines luxury and finest product packages that can be customized as and when required. Our prime focus remains the well-being and comfort of our customers. Nuts For Us wants to consistently show its customers the tastier and adaptable side of these products so they can fall in love with these superfoods while flexibly indulging in healthy snacking and forming tasteful eating habits.