Fun Ways to Eat Chia Seeds

Fun Ways to Eat Chia Seeds

It’s painful when our ravenous stomach starts to make deep noises and scream for snacks. And the worse is waiting for another hour before comfortably nestling into your living room and happily devouring delicious healthy food. Isn’t it?

Eating your favorite snack is a fulfilling moment and swapping them with healthier options is even more divine. Consuming healthy food keeps you active throughout the day. One such healthy seed in our point of discussion is Chia Seeds. Chia seeds are loaded with nutrition and easy to incorporate into your daily meals. Chia seed is one of the most versatile nutritional powerhouses that can be added to virtually any recipe! Despite their tiny size, these black seeds can provide you a plethora of health benefits. Here we have curated a list of top quick ways to add chia seeds to your diet. Continue reading:

    • Added to a salad:  Chia seeds can be sprinkled on your salad to give it some texture and a healthy boost of nutrients. Add a teaspoon full of chia seed to your salad and give it a quick mix before consuming.
    • Chia Pudding: One of our all-time favorite ways to use chia! Chia Seeds gives a thick, gelatinous texture to the pudding. You can add it to your pudding before serving or can cook with Nuts for Us Chia seeds.
    • Smoothies: Chia seeds make smoothies extra thick while giving them a boost of healthy fat, protein, and fiber.
    • Chia Breads : You can add a tablespoon of seeds to your bread mixture and bake it to make healthy and flavorful loaves of bread.
    • Overnight Oats :  Chia seeds are a staple in overnight oat recipes because they make them extra thick and add a little creamy texture to them. Try adding them and see the magic.
    • Add it in a Jam :  Make the jam the way you do, just combine chia seeds to create an awesome flavor blasting sweet. Chia seeds turn liquid into a jelly-like matter and make the consistency creamy.
  • Sip it :  Add some chia seeds to your next cup of tea. Whether the tea is iced, hot, or room temperature, it makes for a totally new texture with tons of healing benefits for your health and metabolism.

With a wealth of essential vitamins and minerals such as Omega- 3s, antioxidants, potassium, iron, and calcium, chia seeds provide excellent strength and healing powers to the body. Shop Nuts for Us Chia Seeds from our website. Connect with us now and shop from our rich and eclectic range!



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