How to Gain and Lose Weight with Dried Fruits Naturally

How to Gain and Lose Weight with Dried Fruits Naturally

Everyone has grown up hearing the benefits of eating dried fruits like soaked almonds or figs. At some point, everyone’s mother has informed them that it is important to have your daily dose of dry fruits. In fact, dried fruits are a storehouse of some extremely important nutrients. Everyone who advised you to have dried fruits was correct in doing so! Some of the nutrients which dried fruits provide are essential enough to be included as a part of your daily diet. Moreover, dried fruits play an important role in being able to help you with both weight loss as well as weight gain, naturally. Depending on what health benefit you are looking for, here is how dried fruits can help you with your weight:

  • Cashew Nuts: While being a tasty snack, cashews are also high in calories and can therefore, help you gain weight fairly quickly. The dietary fiber in these nuts help your digestive functions. The mix of the high fiber and high calorie content is effective in weight management. Try to avoid cashew with extra toppings like salt or sugar. Simply roasting them and consuming them raw will help you gain the maximum benefits from it.
  • Almonds: Apart from being important in aiding with memory, almonds have the ability to help with both weight gain as well as loss! For weight gain, almonds contain a high amount of calorie content. They are healthy and contain vital nutrients like Vitamin E and other minerals. However, roasting them and eating them could help you gain healthy weight. At the same time, their high calories make them extremely effective to satiate hunger for an extended period of time. If you are feeling snacky while on a diet, having a few almonds could help you get through your hunger before your meal time.
  • Pistachios: They have a lot of vital nutrients, while they also help you gain weight in a healthy manner. They have proteins and fibers that help in ensuring that you have a healthy digestive system. They also contain monounsaturated fatty acids along with carotenoids, which acts as an antioxidant.
  • Dried Apricot: These bite sized fruits are extremely rich in fiber. This implies that if you ate dried apricots, they would keep you full for a while. This has the ability to get you through hunger pangs for a longer period of time, and therefore can help you with healthy weight loss.

Dried fruits can pack a powerful punch in terms of healthy nutrition while enabling you to maintain adequate weight. Connect with Nuts for Us to have your daily dose of healthy dry fruits that are 100% pure and organic.


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