Gift Ideas to respect your Guests at Lohri Party

Gift Ideas to respect your Guests at Lohri Party

With the commencement of the harvest season, the blissful festival of Lohri brings fun, celebration, and lots of gifts. On this day, people visit their loved ones and celebrate by singing, dancing, and throwing puffed rice and popcorns into a huge bonfire to seek blessings and prosperity.

Like every other festival, Lohri is also all about merriment and togetherness. It is marked by huge family get-togethers and lavish dinners. Of course, this also includes giving gifts to your friends and family members to convey your love and best wishes.

Here we have got some amazing gift ideas that will spruce up your Lohri party and dazzle your guests.

Something Traditional

  • Sweets – Festivals and sweets go hand in hand. Apart from the regular sugary delights, the most common sweets that are usually gifted on Lohri are ‘reweries’, ‘chikkis’ and ‘gajjaks’. All of these contain jaggery as the main ingredient and are munched on during the festivities.
  • Woolen Clothes – Lohri arrives in the winter weather and it might be a good idea to offer something warm and cozy to your loved ones. A woolen stole or shawl is something that is loved by all.

Something Practical & Valuable

In this time of the pandemic, people have taken a different approach towards gifting. They want to offer something that is not only valuable and luxurious but also practical, something that will help in enhancing the immunity and health of the other person. This is where dry fruits and nuts come into the picture.

Dry fruit gift hampers are the rage right now and for all the good reasons! Not only are they loaded with enriching dry fruits but also provide a sense of luxury and auspiciousness. Moreover, unlike sweets and savories, dry fruits have a long shelf life and therefore can be enjoyed for a longer period.

For the special occasion of Lohri, you can go for the Lohri Nuts Gift Box at Nuts For Us. It contains the most exotic nuts and dry fruits from our collection such as the Roasted Iranian Pistachios, Californian Almonds, Raisins, and Californian Walnuts.

If you want to go for something more lavish and extravagant, explore the Signature Gifting Range which offers a variety of exquisite gift hampers that contain the best assortment of nuts, seeds, and natural oils to enhance the health of the lucky person who receives it!

Get rid of the hassle!

Amidst the preparation of the celebrations, going to the store and selecting a gift is too much of a hassle. But not anymore!

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