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Importance of Nuts in Kids Immunity

Importance of Nuts in Kids

In India, the transition from winters to summer is not really subtle every time. Sudden change in weather tends to take a severe toll on the health of our children and even adults for that matter. To protect our children from various disease-causing viruses, bacteria, and harmful radicals in the environment, it is essential to look after their immunity and ensuring the inclusion of nutritious food in their diets. Generally, kids don’t like to eat green vegetables and fruits, but they love to munch on crunchy nuts and dry fruits. These brain foods will not only strengthen their immune system but also help in sharpening their memory and improve their retention power. Let’s check out some more beneficial qualities of nuts.

Good for Heart

Nuts and dry fruits are the best substitutes for unhealthy junk food and munchies. They are immensely beneficial to maintain a healthy heart as they are a rich source of monounsaturated fatty acids, Vitamin E, fiber, and plant sterols. Studies show that regular consumption of nuts can improve cardiovascular function. Nuts will also keep your child full for a longer period and prevent unhealthy cravings.

Perfect Snack

Just one-quarter cup of nutritious nuts and dry fruits in a day can do wonders to boost your baby’s immune system. It is sufficient to provide their daily requirement of various vitamins and minerals. The best part is that they make a great snack for kids. You can easily make a healthy and delicious mix of several nutritious nuts like walnut, almonds, pistachios, cashews, and feed it to your child with breakfast to provide him the necessary nutrients without any hassle.

Powerhouse of nutrients

Dry fruits are obtained after dehydrating fresh fruits. Thus, they have high and concentrated nutrient content in them. Moreover, they are packed with proteins, vitamins, fiber, essential fatty acids, and important minerals like calcium, iron, manganese, zinc, potassium that are necessary for a sharp and healthy mind. Regular intake of nuts and dry fruits will make your child more active and energetic. They can be added in different recipes and foods like cereals, desserts, chapatis, sandwiches, etc. to make them healthy and delicious at the same time.At Nuts For Us, we strive to promote a healthy lifestyle. Hence, we offer premium quality dry fruits and nuts that are procured from the finest sources globally and are rich in all essential nutrients. Browse through our wide selection of nuts and dry fruits like Californian Almonds, Chilean Walnuts, Iranian Pista, and many more! Take a step towards healthy living with Nuts For Us.


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