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    Benefits of Dry Fruits for Babies

    Benefits of Dry Fruits for Babies

    The appealing nutritious value of dry fruits makes them appetizing to everyone, but for growing children, dry fruits can offer a powerhouse of nourishment. As a parent, you want your child to grow up fast as you find yourself moving ahead from breast and formula milk to introducing solid foods. As your kids get ready for solid foods, it is natural to feel worried and second guess your choices on what to give them.

    Young children have delicate digestive systems and therefore do not eat much. This makes it even more important to make sure that the little you are feeding them is safe and nutritious. For this, dry fruits are actually an extremely healthy option. Dried fruits contain a lot of nutrients which could prove to be extremely beneficial for your growing child.

    Before delving into the benefits of dried fruits for babies, it is important to be mindful of some things. The most important factor is to know what exactly dry fruits are? Dried fruits are basically fresh fruits that have been dried up. This is done by dehydrating the fruits by sun-drying them or through food dehydrators. The important thing to note is that the nutrients that these fruits offer remain the same even after they have been dehydrated. This is extremely beneficial since dried fruits can be stored longer than fresh fruits.

    Next question that needs to be answered is if dried fruits are actually safe for babies? The simple answer to this question is, yes. Infants and babies can actually get a lot of beneficial nutrients from dried fruits. However, it is important to keep some things in mind. For instance, you can only give your child dried fruits after they turn one. For easier consumption, it is advisable to give dried fruits to them after it has been soaked in either water or milk. Do not give your children options of dried fruits that have been coated in sugar, as they can encourage tooth decay or cavities. With a fruit like almond, it is helpful to keep in mind that peeling the fruit is better so that it does not cause any sort of irritation to the baby’s throat.

    Some prominent health benefits that dried fruit can provide a child include:

    • Prevention of Anemia: A lot of dried fruits are a very rich source of iron; this helps in maintaining hemoglobin levels in the blood. Good hemoglobin levels from the onset is helpful in the prevention of anemia.
    • Provide Energy: Among the benefits that dried fruits provide is the rich source of fiber, protein, zinc and iron, among other minerals, that they have. These are extremely helpful for a baby to gain energy. Having sufficient dried fruits in your child’s diet is helpful in keeping them healthy and energetic.
    • Prevention of Constipation: Since dried fruits are a very good source of fiber, they help in healthy digestion and bowel movements. This helps in ensuring prevention of constipation among children.
    • Promotion of Digestive Health: Dried fruits also contain a lot of very helpful probiotics and good bacteria. This is very beneficial for a healthy digestive system. Probiotics help in the development of a healthier digestive system that will help in the long-run as well.
    • Promoting Bone and Eye Health: Dried fruits are excellent sources of both vitamin A as well as calcium. Vitamin A has the ability to strengthen and maintain a healthier vision in your baby. Calcium on the other hand has the ability to provide better development and maintenance of bone strength.
    • Aid in Brain Development: Dried fruits have also been found to be beneficial for the development of the brain, especially for children. Dried fruits have omega-e fatty acids, especially found in nuts like almond which can help with the development of children’s brains.

    When experimenting and trying dried fruits with your child, it is necessary to consider the possibility of allergies since it isn’t uncommon. A good way to look out for this is through the 3-day rule. Keep an eye on your child for 3 days after the introduction of any new dried fruits and see if your child is showing any reaction. If your baby shows any sign of discomfort or allergy after the introduction of any dried fruits, then ensure you stop immediately. For procuring quality dry fruit that are immensely beneficial, choose Nuts for Us.

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